Content Warning: mention of stalking, mental health & medication

CRYING’S NO CRAZY is a commentary on the engrained need to diminish all negative feelings. An inherited flaw of the working class.

If I hud a penny fur every time I’ve heard the phrases “just bloody get oan wi it” or “I wish I could afford tae be depressed”…. well then… I guess I could afford tae be depressed? (I mean, can ayone)

All jokes aside, ‘CRYINGS NO CRAZY’ is a work that started in a sad space.
A space where I became a victim of stalking, where I couldn’t sleep, where I couldn’t leave the house and where my anxiety was slowly draining all of the energy from my soul. With the help of counselling, wonderful friends, my family and anti depressants, I’ve finally started to feel like myself again and learnt the value of being more forth coming with expressing my feelings.

As a result ‘CRYING’S NO CRAZY’ has transformed into a bright and colourful celebration of the progress I’ve made with my mental health this year. It is a reminder to anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety or depression, who has been a victim of stalking, domestic violence or sexual assault. Yer NO crazy! Cryings no crazy. No breathing? YER NO CRAZY 💛🧡💖❤💙 Seek support. Talk to someone.

I’m very pleased to have this work displayed this month in glasgow and would like to thank @24hourwindow very much for having me.