Exhibited During the Glasgow Science Festival, this work was created in reaction to the ASCUS Micro Residency. The residency gave artists the opportunity to collaborate with the Scientists of The Strathclyde University of Biochemistry that are currently working researching Huntington’s disease. Artists experienced carrying out scientific experiments in a lab environment, creating Artworks in response to this experience and displaying works in an exhibition.

My role as the artist was to take the research of the scientists and make it more accessible to the public and in doing so, showcase research in hopes of encouraging funding. By taking Confocal Images of Protein Aggregation In a Huntington Gene and recreating it to a larger scale through drawing, I hoped to use aesthetic quality to engage the viewer, however wanted to recreate the frustration of a Huntington’s Disease sufferer. I attempted to do this by creating an Interactive sculpture in response to one of the symptoms a Huntington’s disease sufferer is effected by; Involuntary jerking or writhing movements. The sculpture was a Buzz-wire game that I’d placed on one of the labs Orbital shaker’s. This continuously rotated the game making it physically impossible to complete.